Traffic Transformation System

My name is David Watts and I have been an online Entrepreneur since December 2007.

This is no “Push button” software that magically turns poor or bot traffic into high converting traffic. Some upfront work is needed.

There is a lot of bot and low quality traffic on the internet. And that we meet as soon as we try to get “FREE” traffic. I fell prey to that myself

What I found, and you might call it by accident, but I won’t call it that way, as I have been looking for something like this since December 2007 when I started online work, is the system that does turn poor or bot traffic into high quality traffic.


ANY traffic that you pay cheap for works. If you think that you have cheap traffic, then I am sure you I can beat your expectations. 100k hits for as little as $5. It really is useless, but I turn that into a 100k hits that gives me high quality traffic with TTS.

A 100k hits sounds a lot, but it also ends. Therefore I also use a bot which costs me absolutely nothing. I keep my laptop running as much as I can to accumulate hits. The more hits I get, the more quality traffic I get. But the trick to this is to automate everything. This means that everything will run without you paying for any traffic or sitting behind your laptop and clicking for credits.

I am not one for long sales pitches, there for, this is it.

Build your online career from here on. Get quality traffic. How did you get to this page? I don’t use Google advertising. Showing that you got to this page via my traffic. This could be yours also. I am even building my email list with this, further increasing my online income potential. I will give you the same software I use to build your list.

I will also show you how to easily start your own online business.

Sign up below and I will give you the link to 2 bots absolutely FREE. This page will take you to the sales page which explains more.

Disclaimer. No income is ever guaranteed. It al depends on how diligent you are in advertising the product you have.